Now that you are here to know a bit about me, let me just start by saying,  Thank You !!

I am believer and doer.  I indulge in combination of things. Some for the soul some for the kitchen.  I write, I sing and I model, I am a theater enthusiast,, all to feed the soul and I design advertising and PR campaigns for brands, individuals, institutes and growing business to boost my mind.  When doing none of this, I'll probably gazing at the moon or talking to my furry friends. 

Officially I hold a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism only to realize that degrees don't matter, skills do.  As it turns out I did a couple of things I never thought I could which made wiser and prepared.  Out of which working on a govt. project with UNICEF,  wedding productions, writing scripts for my theater plays, content creation, campaign designing are few that I'm proud of. 

 My Dadi Maa has given me her music genes and I'm happiest with music (Check out my recent video on on handles).  I keep trying my hands on interests that excites me because one should never stop dreaming, chasing and learning.  Reading books and personalities is how I learn. I believe stories are around us, one should just be a good listener. 

Now, do not assume that I must be a overly enthusiastic extrovert.  Well I am quite the opposite. The people you see at parties with their drink standing in the corner, just observing and absolutely not judging anyone, well I am that person,  That is why I am the best person to work with. 

A very proud Potter-head and the one who believes in exploring her own magic. I am very grateful for my losses and failures and as I call them Lessons, for giving me a little more wisdom. 

I would like my gravestone to read ' Rini Dixit, the one who always had enough love, empathy and compassion for everyone.'